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Parents need to know that A Bad Moms Christmas is the sequel to Bad Moms and has similar levels of raunch, drinking, drugs, and language. Expect plenty of sexual content — including jokes about an impressively endowed man (a stripping scene shows the „evidence” via a prominent outline in his underwear), a scene in which a nude man holds his legs over his head so that a waxer at a spa can get at his private parts, scenes involving licking/eating a large gingerbread penis, and a young girl who repeats what she’s heard her dad’s girlfriend yelling at night . There’s also tons of drinking, iffy drunken choices, shoplifting, sexy dances with a mall Santa, and public joint-smoking by one grandma in particular. People with larger body types are the target of a couple of jokes, particularly when a large man swings his flesh gamely during a stripping competition and is booed by the crowd. In other scenes, an intolerant character calls her daughter’s (Latino) boyfriend Jesus (not his name) and tells him to go get her luggage, as if he’s a servant. But underneath it all are messages about the importance of friendship and mother-daughter bonds.

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