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The basics of Bright are conventional enough. Will Smith is Ward, a veteran LAPD cop just a few years from retirement who’s been paired with a rookie partner, Nick Jacoby (Joel Edgerton). Nick is a “diversity hire” and faces considerable discrimination from other members of the force. During a particularly busy night out on patrol, the pair find themselves protecting a young girl (Lucy Fry), who has something that the bad guys (including Noomi Rapace) want. The difference? Nick is an Orc, the young girl is an Elf, and the thing the villains are hunting down is nothing less than an honest-to-goodness magic wand. While Will Smith isn’t exactly stretching out of his comfort zone with a movie like this, he’s a steadying, recognizable presence in a world that is only just a little bit sideways from our own. Considering that his co-star is completely unrecognizable under Orc makeup, it’s good to have a seasoned action star hitting some familiar beats.

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