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Watch Ferdinand 2017 film online. Parents need to know that Ferdinand is an animated movie based on Munro Leaf’s classic children’s book about a bull who prefers flowers and friendship to aggression and fighting. The movie has strong messages of nonviolence, respect for Ferdinand’s principles, and the friendships that can develop between creatures who are very different from each other. Ferdinand finds clever ways to avoid violence and conflict, including humor and kindness. That said, in some scenes, Ferdinand and other bulls (particularly those who aren’t physically large and aggressive) are called things like „soft,” „flower boy,” „loser,” and „dork,” though the message sent by these names is ultimately undermined by Ferdinand’s nonviolent triumph. Expect a few potentially sad and/or scary scenes: Ferdinand is slashed with a spear when he’s trying to avoid a bullfight, a tense rescue scene takes place in a meat-processing facility, a baby is in danger in a large crowd (Ferdinand protects her), and Ferdinand sends people flying into the air (no one appears hurt). One character says that either bulls die in the bullring or go to the „chop shop.” A young bull loses his dad (offscreen); we see him searching for his father and crying when he realizes his dad won’t be coming back. There’s some crude humor and innuendo: One character says a bunch of bulls will „fertilize the lawn” after being surprised, and a female character admires a male character’s physique. And while Ferdinand is a strong, confident character who’s a great role model of courage and compassion, some supporting characters are depicted a little stereotypically: An aggressive bull is voiced by an Italian actor with „tough mob guy” flavor, and some horses are given German accents and snooty „European” mannerisms.

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