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Parents need to know that Geostorm is an action/disaster movie starring Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess about a global superstorm that threatens to wipe out the planet. So you can expect tons of large scale death and destruction (whole cities wiped out abruptly)  as well as a fight, a shootout, a car chase, and a character dying after getting hit by a car  but nothing particularly bloody/graphic. There’s also occasional mild language. Younger kids could be scared by images of people instantly freezing to death, but no suffering is conveyed. While the messages and characters are both pretty thin, the movie does portray women in multiple positions of skill and power and a young girl who’s scientifically adept.

In the near future of GEOSTORM, a global network of satellites is created to not just slow the effects of climate change but actually control the weather. When the maverick genius who created the system gets fired, accidents start happening — with lethal results. But as these unexplained events grow in frequency, it turns out that they might not be accidents after all. Can big-brained bad boy outsider Jake (Gerard Butler) and his politically adept brother, Max (Jim Sturgess), solve the mystery before these events combine to create one, unstoppable storm that could kill us all?

Watch Geostorm 2017 film online. The forecast calls for a CGI haze that can’t obscure increasing clouds of laughability, resulting in a Category 4 eye-rolling storm. When you buy a ticket for a sci-fi/disaster movie, you know you’re signing a suspension-of-disbelief contract. No worries! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the CGI. But Geostorm strains that contract to its breaking point. We start with the notion that in 2019 (so soon!), a global network of satellites will shoot stuff into the air to control the weather. (Apparently, this will be necessary because climate change will kill two million people in one day in a major city.) OK. But within a film’s world, people should still have to behave as if there are rules. Here, it seems to come as a total shock to everyone that anyone would think of weaponizing such godlike power … even though it’s in the hands of the country that created the atomic bomb.

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